I love what I do.

I’m Andy, a dad, a partner and a filmmaker. My partner and I have a little boy who is our pride and joy. When we’re not out adventuring as a family, we’re usually out appreciating some great food or watching films, we watch a lot of films!

I filmed my first wedding when I was 10 years old, picking up a handycam at my uncles wedding and I just couldn’t put the thing down, it was fun and there was something deeply satisfying about seeing people smiling, enjoying themselves, and being able to capture that emotion.

Since then I’ve been to University, graduating top of my class with a first class honours degree, I’ve worked in London for a major post production company, been involved with projects for the likes of Film4 and been filming weddings since 2013.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many amazing people that have taken me to some incredible places and I love it, I love what I do. What makes filming weddings special is that every wedding is different, the journey every couple go on is unique and I love telling that story.

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